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About LAB Brewer

Our Philosophy 我們的理念

Started by four beer making enthusiasts in Hong Kong, LAB Brewer was created to communicate our passion and appreciation for craft beers. Our goal is to engage beer appreciators, as well as novice beer consumers, and to equip them with the knowledge in craft beer brewing through customized, unique and interactive beer tasting and brewing experience.

LAB Brewer 由四位對啤酒釀製充滿濃厚興趣,並於香港土生土長的青年創立,希望藉以和大家分享我們對製作和品嚐手工啤酒的熱誠和愛好。

與此同時,我們亦希望從 LAB Brewer 獨特兼且互動的自訂口味過程當中,讓各類型啤酒愛好者更加了解手工啤酒的製作,從而提高他們對啤酒口味和其他方面的要求.

Our Experience 我們的經驗

LAB Brewer offers a wide variety of craft beer selection. No matter it is for personal consumption or event hosting, we can also cater individual needs to tailor a one-of-a-kind beer beverage which will be truly distinctive with character and taste.

Our solutions include:

  • Offered small lot solution (per bottle or per keg base) for personal enjoyment and consumption

  • Brewed and supplied beer-on-tap solution for events. Locations include both indoor and outdoor

  • Prepared according to customers’ requirement for special occasions and private functions. Craft beer was served on-tap and bottle format

Lab 能夠向顧客提供不同種類的手工啤酒。與此同時,不論是個人享用或聚會場合,我們都能夠提供根據顧客的自訂口味而釀造的啤酒,務求令顧客可以享用一款味道獨特而且與別不同的手工啤酒。


  • 個人享用的小量樽裝或桶裝手工啤酒方案

  • 室外或室內聚會桶裝手工生啤方案

  • 包括樽裝或桶裝的顧客自訂口味手工啤酒方案